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One of our employees was a professional guide on the Kenai River for years but now lives in Big Lake Alaska and doesn't have the time to go down to fish on the Kenai River as often as he would like. As a result, he started fishing many of the smaller streams north of Wasilla along the Parks Highway. But due to the stream's smaller size, it was impractical, if not impossible, to get his 20' drift boat in or out of them.

He purchased a couple of different rafts, but found that although they were stable, they lacked the maneuverability and ability to easily anchor upstream of his favorite fishing holes.

Knowing that there is nothing that works as well for fishing in a river as a drift boat, he came to the company and suggested that we come up with a smaller, lightweight drift boat that could be easily loaded and dropped into just about any body of water along the road system.

The key to all of it was to not just make it smaller and lighter, but to still incorporate the features of a larger boat...stability, ease of rowing against the current, anchoring, etc.

With nothing other than some photos off the internet, we set about building a prototype drift boat during the summer of 2018. After a few weeks, we sent the prototype out the door with him on a Friday afternoon and anxiously waited to see how the first trial went over the weekend.

He came in on a Monday morning with some valuable feedback and we made several changes to the boat before sending it back out with him again on the following Friday. The process repeated itself over the next few weeks, and after about a month of trial and error, he brought it in one Monday morning grinning from ear to ear and told us to not change anything else as it was perfect.

One of the primary advantages of a fiberglass drift boat over an aluminum one is that the hull of a fiberglass boat is much quieter in 'skinny' water when you are going over rocks, etc. so as to minimize alerting the fish downstream of your approach.

Another benefit to drift boats constructed out of fiberglass is that they are naturally slick over rocks and sand whereas aluminum boats are much more "sticky". Fiberglass boats also don't transfer the cold like aluminum boats, and that is a significant factor when you're fishing the icy-cold, glacially fed streams like we encounter in Alaska.

specifications of the river rat drift boat



12' 10"

    Centerline Length




        Bottom Width


          Transom Height


            Oar Lock Height



              176 pounds

                MSRP     $3,500.00

                ( price includes 2 Sawyer "Cobra" oarlocks and a Leelock stern anchor release )

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